My Son: Finn Ray Brown (13.04.2006)


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DAD: Hi Finn. We can stay in contact through this website. you can send me messages by clicking the "Contact Dad" link above and typing me a message then clicking "Submit" - it is as simple as that. I have enjoyed being in contact.


DAD: Great to hear from you son. HAPPY BIRTHDAY for today (Note: above date in reverse - easier to work on-line with it like this). Can you get to that email address from home or anywhere? Have Fun at your Nana and Poppas. More to come...


DAD: Check out this link to my letter (no longer available)


DAD: The quiz tricked you a bit by the sound of things. The answer: an Equilateral Triangle. Good to talk over the phone again son. Thanks for your message. I like that you are designing things whatever medium you use, Woodwork and building things has been a strong point for you alright. Now singing is a new one to me. I would like to hear more of what you are doing in this area. Don't forget your science score. Goodnight, love you.


DAD: Such a lot of fun with you at Grandads last weekend son. We had fun using that camera didn't we. I will edit the footage and get a copy of the video to you as soon as I can.


DAD: Check out this link to our video: Sergeant James2-640x480